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What Meditation Can Do For You

For centuries, meditation has been practiced by yogis and monks. Its healing values have impressed many over the years. And it has been acclaimed as one of the most beneficial practices for not only spiritual growth, but also for physical, emotional, and mental growth. Spiritual growth and healing was considered to be the objective of meditation earlier on. But now meditation is being suggested for healing of the body as well as of the mind. So, what can meditation do for us?

In my opinion, meditation is definitely one of the key practices for spiritual growth and enrichment. But its advantages go much beyond that. And what’s more, I don’t think that there is any one way to meditate. The way meditation is practiced depends on the individual. As long as the idea is to spend some quiet, relaxing time with yourself and your thoughts, it doesn’t matter how it is practiced.

Coming back to what meditation can do for you; here are some of the benefits that an individual can expect from the regular practice of meditation:

* Meditation heals the mind, body, and spirit

Healing is one of the benefits that one can expect from meditation. Meditation provides the much needed rest to the mind. It helps quiet the mind by giving it a break from the troubling thoughts that constantly plague the human mind. This way it provides an opportunity for the mind to heal.

The action of deep and relaxed breathing provides more oxygen to the body and brain and helps heal the imbalances in the body. And of course, meditation is healing to the spirit. A neglected, often, battered spirit gets the much needed attention that is required for the growth of a human being.

* Meditation helps one to get in touch with the inner voice

One of the main objectives of spirituality is to connect with the inner voice, to be able to listen to the inner voice, and to truly understand what an individual really wants. This is where meditation plays a very important role.

When we meditate, we are able hear this very low and quiet voice of our inner being. We are able to hear this inner voice over the loud noises of the outside world and our own thoughts. Meditation helps quiet these loud noises and we are able to hear our inner voice. The voice, which should be and is, our true guide in this whole wide world.

* Meditation improves our decision-making abilities

Each and every day and each waking moment, we are constantly making decisions. Whether small or big, making decisions can sometimes become overwhelming for an individual. There are occasions when the constant pressure and stress can force us make not so good decisions. In fact, it can force us to make bad decisions, which we might regret later.

Meditation reduces the effects of these daily pressures. It clears the mind. It provides renewed energy in the body and mind. It improves our analytical abilities, which are so crucial in decision-making.

* Meditation helps us get rid of fears, doubts, and worries

Fears, doubts, and worries can be a big obstacle in the path of individual growth and success. It can stop an individual from going after his/her dreams. It can prevent an individual from treading beyond the usual path. It can come in the way of an individual realizing and going after his/her life’s purpose. Meditation helps in calming the mind. It helps in accepting one’s fears and worries. It helps us in managing them and overcoming them. When fears and worries are handled effectively, we are all set to move towards our life’s goals and objectives.

* Meditation improves our focus and our memory

If the mind is calm and collected, it is free from distractions. It is better able to focus on the present moment. It is better able to perform the task at hand. Meditation does this for us. It improves our focus. It keeps the mind free from distractions. Better focus means awareness of the present moment and awareness of the actions and events of the present. If our focus is better, memory will be better. We will remember events and actions much more clearly and for a much longer time.

* Meditation makes you happier

Anger, fear, sadness, or being upset are emotions which are much too familiar to all of us. When they get out of control, they often cause a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Meditation helps us understand our emotions. It helps us understand the reason why we react the way we do.

Better understanding of emotions means more control over the way we feel generally or in a particular situation. It helps us effectively manage the way we react to another individual or to a situation. We understand that we are responsible for our emotions and reactions. Happiness as such is, therefore, more likely.

* Meditation helps achieve our goals

If we are calm, we can see our goals much clearly. How we can get there is also something which is clearer to us. Meditation can help us do this. The time that we spend alone with our thoughts helps realize what our goals are, how to divide our goals into smaller goals, and how to proceed in a step-by-step fashion to achieve these smaller goals one by one. This is what some quiet time with ourselves can do for us.

* Meditation helps in controlling chronic diseases, chronic pain, and psychological disorders

Dealing with chronic pain and chronic diseases becomes easier with meditation. The practice of regular meditation lowers the breathing rate, controls the blood pressure and heart rate, and provides an effective way to reduce chronic pain.

Chronic pain is often aggravated by the frustration and irritation they cause an individual. But if the individual accepts these feelings of irritation and frustration, he/she is much more in control. Meditation provides benefits for asthma patients by not only making breathing easier, but also controlling the stress level of an individual.

Not only this, meditation is also beneficial to individuals who suffer from anxiety and mood disorders as it calms them down and helps them be in more control of their emotions.

These are only a few benefits that one can expect from meditation. It has been widely accepted now that the spirit is not the only aspect of the individual that is benefited by the regular practice of meditation. It is equally advantageous to the mind and the body. It doesn’t matter how you practice meditation. What matters is that you spend some time alone with your thoughts and emotions each day.

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