Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do You Have Low Self-Confidence?

Are you overly sensitive to criticism? Do you put up a false front to impress others? Do you underestimate your abilities and consider yourself as worthless? If yes, then it is quite possible that you are suffering from low self-confidence.

Why is Self-Confidence So Important?

If you want to turn your dreams into reality, you need self-confidence. A healthy self-confidence is important for achieving success in life. It helps you achieve goals, take risks, lead a happy and satisfied life, and become a better human being in general.

What is a Healthy Self-Confidence?

Oxford Dictionary defines self-confidence as "trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment." An individual with a healthy self-confidence tries out new things. They take important decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences. They may have a deep faith in their abilities and skills, but they also accept criticism.

Their never-say-die attitude helps them bounce back from failures quickly. Disapproval of others does not stop them from doing what they know is right.

What Are the Signs of Low Self-Confidence?

Low self-confidence can appear in various ways in different individuals.  However, all of these stem from one basic thought or feeling, that is, lack of faith in one's abilities. People with low self-confidence think that they don't have the qualities required to succeed in this world.

They think they are worthless. They may constantly say bad things about themselves and avoid getting into a task that may prove that they are worthless. They fear that their friends may find about their lack of abilities and make fun of them. So, they withdraw socially.

Even the slightest criticism upsets them terribly. They will also use this criticism to convince themselves that they were right all along, that is, they are indeed worthless.

Individuals with low self-confidence often prefer sticking to the familiar. Their perfectionist standards are often easily noticeable by people living with them. 

The individual is always looking for ways to please others. They are constantly seeking approval from parents and authority figures. Achieving good results in a task is not enough without the praise and admiration of others.

Low self-confidence may also be expressed in the form of excessive anger. They may try to hurt others physically or emotionally. Sudden outbursts of anger are quite commonly seen in these individuals.

People with low self-confidence are afraid of failures and their behavior is controlled by anxiety and fear. While someone with a healthy self-confidence will face their fears and go ahead with the task, those with a low self-esteem will back off and allow their fears to control their lives.

Can Low Self-Confidence Ruin My Life?

If you are suffering from low self-confidence, it is already destroying your life. It will have an impact on each and every aspect of your life. It will prevent you from achieving success in career. It will prevent you from forming successful relationships. It will also have an effect on your physical and emotional health. So, if you want to improve your self-confidence, you should take a step right now. 

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